Adam Lefebvre is a studio potter and multi-discipline artist who grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, in the heart of the Canadian prairies. He attended art school with the intention of being a painter. However, it only took half of a semester in the clay studio to land painting on the back burner.
In 2020 he earned a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Utah State University. While in Utah, Adam met Autumn. Following Adam’s graduation, they married and moved to Autumn’s home state of Wisconsin where they now work out of their studio in Dousman, WI. Adam has participated in a number of artist residencies and exhibited his work across Canada, Denmark and the United States.
Adam typically fires his pottery in wood burning kilns. The kilns are fired to temperatures in excess of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.  At that temperature the fly ash and vapor, released from the combustion, travel through the kiln like wind driven snow, sticking and melting into the molten surfaces of the pots. Firings usually take between 60-120 hours and consume several cords of wood. The combination of time, heat, ash and embers leave the pots with a highly variable glaze that traces the path the flames through the kiln
Adam works to create objects that capture attention and provide gratifying moments liberated from time. Our built physical world impacts our mental well-being. He believes that objects made slowly and thoughtfully will be consumed slowly and thoughtfully.
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